• Individuals needing a fun, hip work environment, here you go!

  • Small businesses needing private space, rejoice.

  • Welcome to Bellann Building!

Bellann_Jonathan_2Individuals needing a fun, hip work environment, here you go:

Coworking space: $99/month.
First month FREE.


Small businesses needing private space, rejoice.


Small Business space: $250/month and up. First Month Utilities FREE.

Are you:
A small business owner who needs secure, professional office space?
An individual who wants an private office?

The Bellann Building has spaces ranging from 200sf to 5500sf.

Current Spaces:

201 171sf $500
202 108sf $400
204-a 81sf $300
204-b 81sf $300
205 128sf $450
206 144sf $400


Belann-Building-interior_31Transitioning my freelance business from a home office to the Bellann has, in so many ways, changed my life for the better. The space — with its wood floors, clean white walls, and plentiful windows — has become my calm center. It’s quiet, zen-like, and full of light. Amenities like a full kitchen, two-story deck, shower, and recycling system are just the icing on the cake. There’s nothing else like it in southern West Virginia.
Catherine V. Moore
Oak Hill, WV

The generous space, moderate temperature and rear garage door access
available in the basement of the Bellann make for a great work shop. The
basement has been a great place to start and grow my business.
-John Petretich
Virgin Timber Lumber Co.

Belann-Building-interior_31The Bellann building is great. Every time we have a meeting here, our
visitors are so impressed with the beauty of the building, the wood floors
and details, the natural light, the nice kitchen, and the LEED certification.
There’s plenty of parking, so we don’t have to worry about stressing out
our guests. It’s also nice to be able to open up the conference room to
community meetings, because it lets our organization play host and be a
better member of the community.
I really like having an office where I can come in early in the morning,
work a full day, go home, and never once turn on a fluorescent light. The
natural lighting is fantastic. It makes the workspace feel very peaceful.
Savanna Lyons, WV Food & Farm Coalition

We have been renting an office space since the Bellann was newly
renovated and we love the style and atmosphere it provides.
Kristy Rodriguez, Environmental Banc & Exchange, LLC (EBX)


Gene Kistler, Owner/Operator

Address: 137 East Main Street, Oak Hill, WV 25901